Andy and the Greek is a band that consists of utterly mismatched and misled characters. Four of them (just like all other great bands in the history of rock music). Each (dis)member not having ascended to the final stage of nirvana in their previous musical endeavours, the only illogical and certainly predetermined consequence was partnering up and trying for one final time.

When Andi and Martin first started jamming they were trying to escape from their dampened, melancholic tempers. Both of them struggled with life and the world as it is in their own way. Built on Narcisim and Schizophrenia and contradicting clichés whenever possible they developed their own way of expressing their war with the world. And while the lyrical quality and difficult mood of their intertwined bass and guitar lines is undeniable, they always felt that there was one connecting element: the need for consistent rhythmical pattern. And that groove came in its most quiet and modest form: with Georg. Having played almost everything from greek folk to grunge music, he gained a very distinct and laid back feeling for simple groove and perfect sound. This solid foundation allows both Andi and Martin to spray their paint over.

All three soon formed a blind trust and collective feeling – at least when it came to music. The hours and hours of Jams were creative, spontaneous and very dynamic. Jams have this ethereal quality when not recorded – they exist just for a very short moment and echo only in the minds of those who listened-  which makes them the ultimate artistic expression. But they decided to record them anyway, just to prove that they had created something special. When they finally started crafting songs from these jams, most of the time was spent trying to “get that feeling back”.

Rudimentary songs were crafted with the vision of having a vocalist fitting into the mix, which is both a musically and mentally demanding task. Chris found the right lines to sing and has something to say, so he was in! Being a natural entertainer he – like all of them-  stands on his very own side of this musical square: chaotic power, melancholy, calmness and beauty.




Soon more to come!