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Off to Speyer…

Tomorrow, we hit the stage with two other bands in Speyer at the “Hallenbeben”-event. Skip Track and L.A.V.A will join us at the “Halle 101”. Doors are open as of 20:00h.


Be there!

Something long waited for is approaching…

After it took us a lot longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, we are now finally ready also having a publisher for our first EP.

Stay tuned during next week for details on where to find our music.

Whoop whoop!

Working in the shadows…

Not much news of us lately but we have not been idle… hard work was put into details of our songs finalizing mood and vibes for them to be finally published. Furthermore, we strolled around gathering opportunities to perform which now has us entering the stage again. Three new gigs approaching in the next months with two of them being open to the public.

Stay focussed for the upcoming EP.

Back to the stage…

Saturday is the day we return… In Darmstadt, the “Goldene Krone” will be our stage. Stop by and enjoy our songs… including a brand new one just written.

Live on stage…

In a few hours, we will be live on stage with “Without bass” at the Satyr in Kriftel (Mainstr. 3, 65830 Kriftel).

Looking forward to our first live-gig in a long time so stick around!

Off to the test-mix we go

We have selected our song “Casual Casualties” (yet to be published) to serve as test-mix for checking whether the designated studio meets our intended special sound (yet to be defined) for our upcoming EP. Data has already been exchanged so we are now eager to hear the results.

Gig on 07th of October cancelled

Our planned gig on the 07th of October unfortunately was cancelled. A new date is already being searched for though. We will keep you posted!

We are online! Again…

New looks, old band… The previous design did not match the soul of Andy and the Greek so we re-invented ourselves… at least virtually that is.